X Music Festival

Civilization evolves, music is its memory.

In today’s world saturated with information, art has long broken the boundaries of genres, class, nation and race. As we seek original expressions in the discourse of indigeneity and tradition, ‘the other sound’ has already been active and stimulating. Since the previous century, music has undergone drastic transformations. Creations of unique creativity have emerged, and genres such as rock ‘n’ roll, free jazz and electronica have led generations of youth into a world rich in sound and thinking. Since the 80s, music in China has been freed from its previous constraints. To this day, musical works of diverse genres proliferate both in the field of academia and popular music. Though progressing slowly and not without difficulties, the exploration of new sounds will not stop. During the programme’s limited time and space, X-Contemporary Musical Festival strives to showcase from multiple perspectives contemporary music practices in China, breaking the biases of genres and encouraging more trans-genre creations. The series of live performances encompasses Chinese modern music, synth-pop as well as a variety of new music (fusions of different genres and forms). X-Contemporary Musical Festival will present a multifaceted, intriguing and enriching aural experience for its Chinese audiences.

Curated by
  • Liu Sola
in collaboration with
  • Ge Fei and Yang Sheng