• Main Exhibition

    Eastern Suburb Memory

    Cosmopolis is an ongoing platform devoted to artistic practices rooted in research and forms of cultural translation. The main exhibition ‘Cosmopolis #1.5: Enlarged Intelligence’ presents works by almost 60 living artists from more than 20 countries. Housed in a warehouse space that is part of Eastern Suburb Memory, a former electronics factory, the exhibition explores ecology, technology and the commons, and envisions how we may draw on intelligent technologies as well as on ecological intelligence to advance social values. The project features works commissioned for Cosmopolis, and interactive environments and installations, alongside research-based artworks of many forms.

  • MFS IIIx3 - Minjiang

    Floating System

    Jincheng Lake

    The archipelago of floating wood and bamboo structures on the Jincheng Lake — MFS IIIx3 designed by architect Kunlé Adeyemi / NLÉ Works — forms a hub for communal reflection about life on water and future ecologies. The Cosmopolis iteration of Adeyemi’s Makoko Floating School includes an exhibition addressing rural space in the light of technological and ecological transformations, and in particular water management as a system that underlies city and countryside. A concert hall will present a music program of hybrid rock to electronic genres engaging with the strong musical traditions of minority groups in rural China. An outdoor plaza serves as an observation point for the Jincheng Wetland Park ecosystem. MFS IIIx3 makes connections between histories of floating dwellings in Nigeria, where MFS was first created, and the history of water construction technologies in China.

  • Jiajiang Residency Project

    Shiyan Village, Jiajiang

    Cosmopolis #1.5 invited two interdisciplinary collectives – Arquitectura Expandida from Colombia and Gudskul (ruangrupa, Serrum, and Grafis Huru Hara) from Indonesia – to Shiyan village in Jiajiang County for residencies engaging with local communities. They initiated collaborative processes to expand community engagement in generating new forms of rural transformation. The shared experimentations around the common village spaces were developed through workshops and interventions that seek to articulate social dynamics and develop new tools and strategies. The resulting projects use both tangible and immaterial resources locally available to collectively generate new understandings of the potential of rural contexts.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Fang Suo Commune Chengdu

    Eastern Suburb Memory

    The Cosmopolis #1.5 multidisciplinary program of talks and workshops fosters new forms of knowledge exchange and new circulations of ideas. The programs include hands-on creative workshops, talks, and performances presented by practitioners from different creative and intellectual fields.

  • Music as Knowledge

    Fanmate Creative Art Area

    Jincheng Lake

    The ‘X Music Festival’ navigates between the inherited algorithms of longstanding local musical traditions and an ‘X’ quality that emerges in the circulations of contemporary music. Each of the concerts in the curated program has a distinct local style, but also breaks boundaries of genres. In today's world of information, art has long transgressed established classifications. The ‘identity’ of local tradition is always already hybridised and transformed by other sounds, as each new creative transformation moves the ground from under our feet.